3 Ways to Productive Window Graphics!

Whether you’re a creative or a marketing manager, you know it’s time to raise the bar when it comes to store traffic. Getting customers that are in your location’s neighborhood to notice your irresistible offer and stop in, truly is your piece of the puzzle. For those of us out in the field, we understand that hyper-local marketing is not just a geofencing tactic. Hyper-local marketing can be an old school way to appeal directly to your customers by engaging them with effective window graphics.

Unfortunately for many marketers, the types of window graphic materials, application options and terminology, is a bit of a mystery. Let’s lift the veil; one of the more popular materials is Clear Static window cling graphics. While static cling graphics are non-adhesive, they don’t actually use a static charge. The thin vinyl that cling graphics are made from, acts like a suction cup to bond to the glass surface, much like the plastic wrap you use in the kitchen. Repositionable and reusable, static cling graphics are ideal for short-term campaigns. A cost-effective alternative that can provide a longer term option, is a Low-Tac peel and stick window graphic. The unique adhesive allows for the graphic to be removed, without leaving any adhesive residue.

If you are concerned that the window graphic may be too large and may create a safety issue for employees, then Window Perf is the perfect solution. Window perf is made with specially designed micro punctures, achieving a special one way appearance that allows your staff to see outside through the graphic. Commonly seen on the windows of vehicle graphics, window perf graphics are great in retail as well.

Window graphics can be applied to the exterior or front side of the window for viewing outside (called first surface), or applied to the inside of the window for viewing out (called second surface). A second surface application allows for your window graphic  to have an external appearance, yet provides the protection of an inside mount. In this scenario, the graphic is reverse printed on clear material with white ink on top of the artwork. When the piece is installed in the window, your customers see the image  right reading through the clear material. With the white ink on top of the artwork, you also have the ability to have your graphic printed on both sides, allowing your customers to see your message coming and going.

Additionally, having white ink as a spot or under layer when printed to clear media pops the colors of your window graphic and acts as a spectacular magnet for foot traffic.

If you follow these 3 simple tips, your street level marketing campaign will become insanely productive with the use of printed window graphics:

  1. Forget worn out ad copy and embrace images; an exquisite photo of a mouth-watering plate of food or emotionally grabbing imagery that are each printed to G7 standards needs no slogans!
  2. Bold headlines; go big or your customer might just go home instead of stopping in. It seems that no one has time to read anymore, we all just scan ads these days. It’s not because your customers arelazy, it’s because they’re really busy. Choosing the    right font that highlights your irresistible offer with outstanding print output, works every time.
  3. Contour die cut; imagine your brand awareness coming to life in custom shaped window graphics. With precision cut window graphics, there’s no limit to your creativity and your brand’s increased visual impact. This will capture your customer’s  attention  over standard square cut applications right from the start.


Peter FradinAbout the author: Peter Fradin is a 25 year industry veteran and a display solutions print specialist with BPGraphics. BPGraphics is a nationally recognized screen and digital graphics print provider offering large, wide and grand format printing solutions for nearly 55 years. From fabric to vinyl – to rigid substrates of all kinds – big or small, BPGraphics’ understanding and experience in the industry is unparalleled. More information on the company’s offerings and services can be accessed at bpgraphics.com or you can reach Peter at 602-272-7907.