Advertising Impressions: Actual Is Factual With Out-Of-Home

The reality of media buying in today’s digital world has become opaque, uncertain and nearly unaccountable due to digital display ads being viewed by fraudulent botnets.

Not only does Out-Of-Home advertising (OOH) yield a high ROI with unrivaled exposure, but it can make an agency’s digital efforts “real” since no one can Ad Block OOH advertising regardless of the format. When marketing to the prized demographic of Millennials, brand managers can best accelerate sales by crafting an unforgettable message that speaks to this audience by employing OOH media and the mobile phones in their pockets. When this demographic shows up, they show up for real!

In this fifth and final installment of our series on OOH strategies and offerings, we dive deep into some of the lesser used but equally effective Out-Of-Home media products and how to best leverage those impressionable views.

Arena and Stadium Advertising: From Pro sports to Colleges down to the High School level, these venues offer marketers a captured audience with guaranteed visibility in addition to potential TV exposure. The opportunity to build brand awareness is nearly endless. Your brand can reside on scoreboard advertising, banners on the sidelines and walls, posters throughout the concourses to vinyl ads in the restrooms and decals on cup holders. Arena and stadium advertising offers tremendous flexibility for brands to reach their customers and leverage emotional affinity with other brands (the teams) at the venue.

Kiosks: These three- or four-sided, standalone fixtures are often located where minimal advertising options exist. These opportunities can be viewed on main surface streets in major metropolitan cities, high end shopping malls, airports, hospitals and other high visibility locations. Where freestanding public telephones are found you will often have vertical displays which appear on the sides of the phone structure. These Phone Kiosks are backlit at night so make sure your print provider uses a backlit print material for prime effectiveness.

Bus Benches: The perfect solution for a low-cost but highly effective way to establish a strong community presence is bus bench advertising. It provides viewable impressions not only to bus riders but to thousands of drivers and pedestrians on a daily basis as well. Often placed in high traffic areas, this OOH product can be leveraged in conjunction with point-of-purchase marketing when strategically located near supermarkets and malls.

Newsstands and Bicycle Racks: Looking to engage with consumers on busy metropolitan streets, sidewalks or college campuses? These eye-level displays are embedded into newsstands and news racks where people on the go pickup their daily newspapers and magazines. As a “green” way to get around town or campus, bicycle sharing as a means of public transportation has never been more popular. These bike share racks are often located near public transit hubs, shopping areas and tourist attractions. Leveraging your brand message with eye catching OOH advertising is an ideal way to turn an ordinary bicycle rack into an advertising medium that can be viewed over and over again.

Placed Based Advertising: Want to be where consumers gather in unique settings? Place Based advertising reaches folks in unexpected places when they are most receptive to your message. Consider leveraging your brand to reach targeted prospects in a fun and unexpected way in unconventional venues such as sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops or virtually any type of business where there is a high concentration of people. From the backs of taxi cab seats to airline seat tray tables, your brand message can come alive with a properly matched creative message.

The Case for OOH: If you’ve been following our series exploring OOH advertising, you now have all the tools needed to reach consumers where they work, live and play; not to mention the ability to reach more eyeballs for less money than just about any other media available to marketers today. OOH is perhaps the last, best outlet granting advertisers complete control over how and where an ad is seen because your ad cannot be turned off, fast forwarded or Ad Blocked. If you need to make a big impact with a low CPM then Out-Of-Home is where your brand message must to be!

Peter FradinAbout the author: Peter Fradin is a 25 year industry veteran and a display solutions print specialist with BPGraphics. BPGraphics is a nationally recognized screen and digital graphics printer offering large, wide and grand format print solutions for 55 years. From fabric to vinyl – to rigid substrates of all kinds – big or small, BPGraphics’ knowledge and experience in the industry is unparalleled. You can reach Peter at 602-272-7907 or [email protected]