Brand Dominates Las Vegas Event with Mesh & Monorail Graphics

Recently, BPGraphics partnered with Elite Media, Inc for a massive three panel, 10-story tall, banner installation on the Las Vegas Marriot. The graphics featured newly announced construction equipment by Volvo with an impressive effect of the vehicles breaking out of the hotel.

Extra attention was taken on this project to match the exterior paint colors of the hotel with the finished graphics to create the best possible illusion. The graphics were produced on mesh banner material and printed on our series of HP Scitex XL1500 UV super wide digital presses. Once the graphics were produced, our talented team joined multiple panels using our Miller Weld-Master 54’ Heat Seamer to create a single, mesmerizing 99 foot tall by 84 foot wide graphic. This process was repeated two more times to transform the hotel into an expressive brand dominating graphic just south of the main event grounds. For perspective; end-to-end, the graphics were the length of a football field and half as wide. The mesh installation was conducted by Elite Media, Inc who specialize in large building transformations. The mesh graphics are mounted to the building via a series of preinstalled cable systems designed to keep the graphics taught and secure. A time-lapse video for this impressive transformation can be seen at Hotel Transformation.

Expanding the brand domination at the Construction Expo 2017, BPGraphics partnered with the Las Vegas Monorail with not only one full train wrap, but four for the March event. These trains are 115 feet long and over 12 feet tall, with graphics both sides, top to bottom and front back. BPGraphics produced attention grabbing graphics on our family of HP Scitex Latex 3000 series presses on 3M self-adhesive vinyl and window perf. You can see this train wrap in action by visiting our Train Wrap video on YouTube.

“After more than 15 years of industry experience, these projects still amaze me every time”, Jeff Fischer, BP Graphics Sales Executive. “From concept to reality, it takes a full team effort starting from media placement, design and prepress, finishing and installation, and finally capturing the reality with time lapse video”.

ConExpo 2017 Mono Rail WrapProducing both projects at the same time is a logistical load and undertaking; however, we took the ConExpo 2017 experience to the next level with video. For the mesh, we were able to set up across the parking lot in an upper floor hotel room to capture the video footage from dusk to dawn. For the monorail wraps we were able to line the train with cameras strategically attached to hand rails that captured the more than 10 hours of installation that is require to finish one full train. Then, on the fly we were able to hi-jack a single camera from one end of a completed monorail train and move onsite to the mesh install. That allowed us to capture a life size video of the second, 10-story tall banner being installed while continuing to capture our aerial video from a hotel room. In the end, both projects were a true success from two of the best media partners I Out of Home advertising.

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