Bullseye Lodge – Cold Weather Graphic Install

Installing Window Graphics in Cold Weather Gets Creative
It’s the BIG GAME…-5-degree weather is no excuse not to install.


Clients ask for impossible requests frequently, but all good print providers find solutions to “impossible” requests. But what happens when your “impossible” really is IMPOSSIBLE beyond the control of mere mortals? Recently we had the chance to stand by our slogan, Specialists in Big Ideas.

If you are lucky enough to visit Minneapolis, MN during the week of Jan 26 – Feb 4, 2018, you should visit the Bullseye Lodge hosted by Target®. This unique venue will feature a wealth of family friendly events, activates, special photo-ops and one-of-a-kind marshmallows with digitally printed selfie’s….so cool. To transform the Target Plaza Commons, designers and printers from various businesses teamed up to create a memorable experience inside and out. Indoors the temperature were normal for a retail location, but outside it was a blistering -5º without wind in the Minnesota winter. Graphics needed to be installed and we had the solution for sub-freezing temperatures.

With 80% of our job arriving on Saturday installers worked overtime in the cold with our on-site rep even installing graphics to get the job done on-time. The exterior window graphics can’t install below 28º but it was -5º on the coldest day…so we made a blanket. Wrapping the scaffolding around the building with plastic, we then placed heaters inside the space to raise the temperature of the ambient air and surface to allow installation. The increased warmth made installation smooth with no issues.

Graphics were printed on 3M IJ46 material and produced on our family of HP Latex 3000 presses. Everything was produced first surface and mounted to both sides of the windows up and down. Before shipping, all graphics were cut with our computer controlled Zund and pre-masked for easier installation.