Finishing and Fulfilment

Years ago, we thought of ourselves as printers. With the growing complexity of today’s printed graphics and the additional steps required to complete an amazing project, we now consider ourselves custom graphic manufacturers; where printing is just one of the steps in our manufacturing process.

“Finishing” encompasses all of the processes after printing – from laminating to sewing or welding to mounting, routing and more. BPGraphics does all of the finishing in-house, guaranteeing quality control at every step of the process.

A project is not complete until it arrives in perfect condition. Our shipping and fulfillment department handles simple and complex packaging and distribution requirements for our valued customers. Every order is custom packed to ensure it arrives as beautiful as it was printed and our custom computerized reporting services provide you with detailed notifications of all your project’s information; including shipment tracking and delivery locations. Even better, this detailed system is accessible from any desktop or mobile device granting you ultimate knowledge of your project process 24/7. If your job requires 1/8” polystyrene hanging signs at 1,000 retail locations for installation in November, our system not only tells you the tracking number for each location but who signed for the delivery.

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