Construction Site Graphics

Need to promote a new apartment building or the newest shopping center during construction? Why not use a construction barrier or barricade graphic to both hide the work site from inquisitive eyes and promote what new and amazing building will be created.

For rigid walls or barricades, BPGraphics offers PSA (pressure-sensitive vinyl) to turn those dull pieces of plywood into a great advertising space. Another common ways to cover construction barricades is with a printed vinyl banner that is attached with attached with screws and washers around the perimeter to the construction wall.

Do you have a chain link fence around the construction project? Printed vinyl mesh fence graphics are perfect for obscuring the construction site from passersby and creating an advertising space at the same time to promote the upcoming project.

Construction Vinyl Wall Graphic

Need a graphic 7 stories tall?

Yup, BPGraphics can accomplish just about any production task.

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