30-Sheet and 8-Sheet Posters

30-Sheet and 8-Sheet posters are one of the oldest methods of advertising with a long history for reaching commuters and pedestrians in busy transit channels.

Using high-speed, Turbo Jet presses, BPGrahics has the ability to produce these posters with color consistency, short turn-a-round time and various material options. While typically produced on wet-strength paper, some posters are produced on vinyl or Eco Poster for longer advertising durations. 30-sheet posters are typically produced 22 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall with the 8-sheet variations being about 1/3 smaller. They are produced in many pieces to aid in the installation and shipping process and generally remain up for 30 day increments.

Trying to cover Houston, LA, and Phoenix for a big client? Make life simpler by knowing what artwork is approve, when it shipped and what the tracking number is. Even better, you can share this information with your local teams with a click. Our online project tracking system is available to all clients using any mobile or desktop device. BPGraphics is more than just an expert in big printing, we are experts in the big picture and add time to your day with easy project experiences.


Create stunning graphics for any size, shape or style of poster.

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