Building Wraps &

 Wall Murals

Wallscapes, Wall Murals, Building Wraps and Tall Wall graphics are the largest of the Out-Of-Home media options and require substantial expertise and knowledge of production and finishing techniques.

Typically printed on pressure-sensitive vinyl and/or perforated window vinyl as well as on vinyl mesh, these advertisements regularly cover multi-story buildings to create larger than life images.

If your project requires self adhesive vinyl, color match and alignment between panels is critical for a seamless finished project. The inclusion of perforated window film over glass adds an additional level of complexity that BPGraphics has long ago mastered.

CES 2019 Vinyl Graphics and Wallscapes— Click to play. —

Printing and finishing a multi-thousand square foot mesh building wrap requires the right tools and expertise to make sure it’s done right. These graphics sometimes weigh upward of a thousand pounds and cost many thousands of dollars to install. You want a print partner who has years of experience producing these oversize graphics for locations all over the country.

Trust BPGraphics to use the correct materials and to know how to finish and deliver your project on-time for a seamless building graphic that will transform the skyline.

From Times Square in New York City, to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles – we have done them all.

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