Eco Posters, 30-Sheet and 8-Sheet Posters

BPGraphics began as Billboard Poster Company, so we know a thing or two about traditional billboard posters. From traditional 30-sheet and 8-sheet paper posters to today’s most popular Single Sheet Posters – commonly referred to as SSPs or Eco Posters, we have the experience and technical know-how to produce the posters for any media company or market.

Most of Canada and a few markets in the United States still use paper to produce traditional 30-Sheet “billboard posters”, but beginning in 2008, much of the US market began to switch to woven polyethylene or PE as the preferred substrate for posters of this type. BPGraphics was there from the beginning, being one of the first companies in the nation to be certified by all the major outdoor media vendors to produce posters for their markets.

Eco Poster

Size and finishing are key when it comes to these posters. Different media companies have chosen different installation systems and posters are not interchangeable between systems. Though the normal size is similar between all three major types of posters, 10’6″ x 22’6″, the way the edges are finished or welded is completely different.

Eco Posters” are installed on the structure using a cable-clip system that requires a special double pocket be welded around the backside perimeter of the poster. Outfront Media and Clear Channel Outdoor are the two primary users of this system type.

PosterFlex” are finished like a traditional bulletin; with a fold-over welded pocket around the perimeter. Lamar Outdoor is the largest user of this poster system type.

QuickFlex” posters do not require any finishing around the edge, but are held in place on the structure by special clips that grip the edge of the poster at specific locations.

30-Sheet / 8-Sheet” posters are generally produced on 82 pound, wet strength paper and are 10′ 3″ x 22′ 8″ or 5′ x 11′ respectively in size, though some markets are beginning to switch to PE for these posters as well.

With media companies continually consolidating and trading markets with one another, knowing what to produce and how to produce the correct installation system requires the knowledge and experience of BPGraphics to make sure your campaign comes off without a hitch.

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