Street Furniture

Street furniture is a broad category of media consisting of just about every out-of-home product that you see on city streets. These include bus or transit shelter posters, telephone kiosks, newsstands, bus benches, bike share posters, mall kiosks and more. In some cities, it even includes station dominations of mass transit stations.

The number of different street furniture formats is exceeded only by the number of different substrates required by different media vendors. Some products are backlit at night while others are lit 24-hours per day. Some products are exposed directly to the environment while others are behind protective glass.

BPGraphics stocks all the substrates required throughout the country daily; providing your job quick production without delay. From styrene to Opaline or Monadnock to PET backlit film, we’ve got you covered.

As the expert in Out-Of-Home printing, BPGraphics has the experience needed to ensure your advertising projects proceed quickly and deliver on-time. Go crazy with backlit displays, bus shelters and garage media to reach consumers on foot, bike, car or train. Our state-of-the-art production facility can bring your designer’s creative ideas to life.

Common Street Furniture Products

Product Size Substrate
Transit Shelter 70″ x 48″ Styrene, Opaline, Monadnock, PET Film
Bus Bench 24″ x 84″ Styrene
Bike Share Varies Stryene / Magnetic Receptive Stock
Vertical Phone Kiosks 50” x 26” 15pt – 20pt Styrene
Horizontal Phone Kiosk 37” x 77” 15pt – 20pt Styrene
Mall Kiosks 50” x 40” Monadnock / PET Film
Newsstands Varies 15pt Styrene

Street Furniture - Pepsi Train Stop

Don’t miss out on great brand exposure.

Commuters are on the road all day with peak travel time morning and afternoon. Most take the same route daily, so get your impressions and make them count with bold, beautiful street furniture graphics.

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