Rigid & Hanging Displays

Rigid displays are used for retailer promotion stands, ceiling mounted signs, trade show walls, navigation displays and so much more. Signs should catch a consumer’s eye from a distance and have excellent detail when viewed up close.

BPGraphics is capable of printing on the most popular substrates such as coroplast, Ultra-board or Sintra on one of our many digital presses with flat feed capabilities. Need a different material such as foam core, clear acrylic, polycarbonate or aluminum; we can print on just about anything that will take ink.

Printing is just the start of a successful rigid graphic promotion – with our two Zund automated routers, we can cut your graphics to any shape you can imagine.

Rigid graphics can be displayed in a variety of ways – mounted to the wall, hanging from the ceiling or in a stand in the middle of the store.

Large Retail Menu

Need displays for your trade show, retail sale, special promotion or because you just want a life size giraffe.

BPGraphics can help out…even with a printed zoo.

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