Banners are easy to transport and install but still need to look amazing. Do you need a 13 oz single side or a 18 oz double-sided blockout? Should you be using a mesh for outdoors or lightweight vinyl? Does a fabric banner offer the high-end look you want to achieve?

Banners might be simple, but there are a variety of material options and BPGraphics is here to make sure your graphics are produced on the correct substrate for your project and look spectacular. Depending on your project specifications, banners are produced with grommets, a double stitch hem and can be modified for pole pockets or special hardware needs, such as embedded rope.

Some of our more popular materials and uses are below:

13 oz Scrim – Suitable for all indoor use and light outdoor use as sales or promotional banners. Best applications, 1) retail businesses, 2) Events, 3) Churches

18 oz Double-sided Blockout –  This heavyweight vinyl has a blockout middle layer in the vinyl that prevents the print on the opposite side from bleeding thru thus maintaining visual integrity from both sides. A perfect hanging signage solution for 1) Outdoor retail, 2) Outdoor pole banners, 3) Outdoor Venues.

Mesh – Ideal for windy locations as the perforated nature of the material allows air to flow through to prevent tearing. Also allows sound to easily pass through as well. Popular uses include, 1) Construction site fence signage, 2) Stage and concert banners, 3) Large outdoor structures such as parking garages and scaffolding.

Double-sided Super Smooth – is a scrimless blockout material and is an indoor application best engineered for 1) Double sided signage for banner stands, 2) High end interior Point-of-Purchase, 3) Trade Shows and backdrops.

Dye Sub Printed Fabric – great for sophisticated retail or event graphics, fabric offers a great look and is lightweight and easy to ship.

Retail Retractable Banner

We also do Campaign Banners!

Large, vinyl banners are essential tools for decorating your campaign headquarters and of course those major fundraising events. Make your name stand out from the crowd and give yourself maximum visibility. You can choose from unlimited sizes, materials and finishing techniques. Let BPGraphics create your winning campaign look. We’ll see you in office!

Retail event, super sale, small promotional banner or ceiling graphic; we have you covered.

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