Wall Graphics

If you are renting business space or own the building, utilizing all your space can improve brand image. Wall graphics are a great solution to transform dull and drab walls with colorful, informative images.

Interior and exterior wall graphics can provide an excellent advertising space and BPGraphics can bring those blank canvases to life with various wall graphic materials. While these spaces can be leveraged for advertising, they can also be utilized with motivational images, to create an open space illusion or anything else your creative mind can imagine. Imagine being on the bike or treadmill at the gym and right in front of you there’s a gigantic graphic of a cycling team working hard up a hill. Your advertising messages are completely customizable and can encourage teamwork, inspiration or deliver special information to your customers.

Owens Harkey Inspirational Wall

Some of the most popular wall graphic materials include self-adhesive vinyl, wall paper, printable fabric wall covering and non-pvc self-adhesive vinyl. Our staff of printing experts can help you find the correct material and installation technique that is right for your specific application. BPGraphics provides all our clients detailed project tracking, personal assistance and industry leading printing – from smaller office spaces to large national expos, we are your printing partner.

Turn a dull wall into a work of art.

Our staff can help you learn how.