Window Graphics

Windows let in light and invite customers to view your wares, but what if they could do more? Window graphics provide shade, a marketing message and can generate interest by selectively showing customers key product features or special promotional signs.

Humans are curious by nature and a store signs can stimulate interest both by the graphical element and the lack of seeing inside your location. You can’t just put up shades and think it’s creating interest. Amazing graphics produced by BPGraphics are key to a successful window dressing. Our high quality graphics translate into a high quality looking business; food looks tasty, the latest fashion looks chic and photos come to life.

Options for mounting window graphics vary based on need. Static clings have no adhesive and are easy install and uninstall. Low tack self adhesive is another option meant for longer term window graphics and perforated window film is a great way to allow employees inside the store to see out.

Second Surface Window Graphics

Window graphics can be installed on the outside (commonly referred to as first-surface) or they can be installed on the inside for outside viewing (known as second-surface).

Second surface graphics are printed on clear material with the image reversed and then with white behind the image. This allows for proper viewing from the outside when the graphic is installed on the inside of the window.

Customize your windows to create the sale or event advertising you need to give an extra boost to your sales goals. Feature a menu of the month or the latest trend in fashion. BPGraphics is your source for outstanding Out-of-Home and retail graphics.

Stadiums, hotels or your local grocery store, we can transform windows into advertising space.

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