Take Charge Of Your Trade Show Booth

Advertising agencies, marketing firms, brand managers and graphic designers are continually focused on adding value. Few activities are more productive and cost effective than flawlessly produced trade show graphics on display.

The structure: Looking for a successful trade show booth while managing the balance between dramatic exposure and budgetary constraints? Custom modular booth structures offer effective trade show imaging without the high cost of a custom built trade show display. These highly flexible components use lightweight structural extruded aluminum that allows you to reconfigure the design or size of the booth from one trade show to the next. The custom modular structure has interchangeable components such as back walls, display pedestals, exterior panels and roller cases that turn into counters. Simplified assembly, space-saving packing, lower shipping and handling costs are but a few of the benefits to choosing a modular trade show display structure.

Design: To be successful, your booth design must answer three key questions; Who is the exhibitor? What do they do? Why should a show attendee spend time in the booth? Make sure your trade show graphics are readable from a distance of 10’ and avoid including too much product information – that’s the job of the trade show booth staff. Selecting rich colors, and adding dramatic lighting and motion can create a compelling visual reason for visitors to stop in the booth.

Fabric graphic materials: Today’s lightweight dye sublimated fabrics offer vivid print output that provides extreme flexibility and ease of assembly when attached to the aluminum frames of the booth structure. Depending on the look and the designer’s vision, there is an enormous variety of fabrics to choose from. Some fabric is sheer while other material is heavy and opaque. Choosing a thin, gauzy fabric will provide light diffusion which allows images to appear and disappear, creating a dynamic effect that is certain to draw attention.

The most common ways to attach fabric to a frame are Velcro™, silicone strip, or nylon zipper. In the case of Velcro™, the hook portion is sewn into the fabric while the adhesive-backed loop is applied to the aluminum frame and in some applications allows for the fastest installation. SEG (silicone edge graphics) is another option that’s perfect for many applications as well. A clear strip of silicone is sewn to the graphic perimeter, while the aluminum extrusion is designed with a channel to fit the SEG strip. For installation, the SEG strip is pressed into the channel and worked in around all sides of the graphic to provide a crisp, taut, finished look.

Rigid and flexible graphics: More economical to produce than fabric, printing direct to a rigid material such as Sintra™ (a rigid foam PVC) is an ideal option. This substrate can be mounted edge to edge to create one giant wall using the hook and loop Velcro™ application technique. Flexible graphics, such as styrene, can be produced to add a sign to a curved wall, a counter, or used to create a full, seamless back wall image.  For mounting to the booth, adhesive backed Velcro™ or magnetic strips applied to the back provides for a secure, professional look.

Trade show table coverCover those tables: Table skirts, covers (referred to as “table throws”) and runners are an economical way to add color and impact to your booth. Designing with detailed imagery, these table graphics often encompass the entire table and provide valuable branding real estate. Dye sublimated printed fabrics are machine washable (so there’s never a worry about spills) and can provide that special touch that sets your booth apart from all others.

Look up – look down: Build on-site traffic to your trade show booth with a dramatic, attention-getting hanging graphic. Upon entering the trade show exhibit hall the first thing show attendees do is look up, making your overhead sign a beacon to your booth! Additionally, the booth floor can add another branding dimension with the addition of a corporate logo or brand name printed direct to flooring or carpeting. Compelling floor graphics will reinforce your brand message and can also act as a magnet directing show attendees right to your booth.

Is brand exposure or a new product launch the reason for a trade show appearance? Perhaps the corporate message is in need of a refresh? With the right mix of printed graphics and creative design, your booth can hit it big and make for an unforgettable trade show experience.

Peter FradinAbout the author: Peter Fradin is a 25 year industry veteran and a display solutions print specialist with BPGraphics. BPGraphics is a nationally recognized screen and digital graphics printer offering large, wide and grand format print solutions for 55 years. From fabric to vinyl – to rigid substrates of all kinds – big or small, BPGraphics’ knowledge and experience in the industry is unparalleled. You can reach Peter at 602-272-7907 or[email protected]